“There’s A War Coming”- No Excuses – Something to Cheer you Up!

Evening Gooners

Statistically, today is the most depressing day of the year.

It’s fair to say, certainly, in terms of the Arsenal news and blogging community there is definitely a  glum feeling around the news feeds.

I would be wrong to say “Brush it all under the carpet and smile” because the game against Swansea last night showed us how dire things are at the club at the moment!

Don’t get me wrong, a large amount of credit has to be given to Swansea City in the way they came out fighting and schooled us at our own game. However it is exactly that which annoys me… We WERE schooled, by a team that was promoted this very season and indeed operates on a fraction of our budget!

I am getting tired of excuses, everyone is! Injuries, Wrong penalty decisions, poor refereeing, ACON, Youthful inexperience, they have weapons of mass destruction, The current regime poses a threat to the western world, the pitch was in poor condition etc etc !
We have all heard them all enough times to know what’s coming in interviews!

One thing Wenger said in the post match Conference was this:

“It is alarming because at Fulham we were 1-0 up and we lost the game. (Against Swansea) we came back to 2-2 and straight away we gave the third goal away. It is really a concern.”

That’s one thing I will agree with Mr Wenger! But the real question is. What are you going to do about it ? Something has to be done … For some reason I keep getting this image of a cheque book opening… no idea what that’s all about …

My thinking is at the moment to lose players that are showing they just can’t cope at this level. Chamakh, Diaby (Crock), Rosicky (Crock)and replacing with fresh blood. (Podolski, M.Suarez etc etc) even if its relatively un-tested talent. Lets face it, they can’t really do any worse than the aforementioned three are currently.  An obvious solution, but it would probably work!

The other solution i have been playing with is the idea of going all traditional (mentioned in a post a few days back) a more solid 4-4-2 would provide greater cover for the guys at the back and still strong attacking vibe. Lets face it, this flanking stuff isn’t exactly working right now is it!
I also believe that players such as Walcott could be sold sooner rather than later whilst their value is somewhat higher than their worth.
Before anyone tells me Theo had a good game last night, he really didn’t… His goal was the single decent thing he did the entire game excluding maybe winning a couple of corners (which we almost never seem to capitalize on…) I think its thoroughly time to let Alex Oxlade Chamberlain have a crack in that position.

Yesterday  also showed our reliance on the passing prowess of Mikel Arteta. There seemed to be nobody in the middle of the park who showed any composure on the ball or the accuracy that was required against a team who are known for keeping the ball well. Lets hope he returns against Man U or there could be trouble !

My worry is that the divide between supporters is now wide open again for all to see. I am all for a good bit of banter or dispute between fans as long as it stays just that, banter. The “Wenger Out Brigade” have resurfaced in the space of 3 games and are sharpening their Axes…
Now personally im neither for them nor against them, its obvious that something needs to be done! I can’t personally see however, how getting rid of the manager towards the end of the January transfer window is going to help. We will have to see at the end of the season …
As Wolverine from the X-men once said:

“Magneto’s right: There is a war coming. Are you sure you’re on the right side?”

After all of that depressing talk i think we need something a little more cheery to warm us all up!

The Top Arsenal Goals Vs the Spuds!  Enjoy !


Until next time!


4 thoughts on ““There’s A War Coming”- No Excuses – Something to Cheer you Up!

    • I feel until he sees a barner that areene must go he won’t stop his madness for there is no other meaning to his behaviour. How can u keep money when the club is going the other direction. I can see him quiting st the end of the season for he said he will if he could not archieve what he is capable of doing. Imagine Swansea passing us to death like barca couldn’t believe that. With this madness of his I think RVP will no a fool to stay with his philosophy in the summer and wish him all the best for he deserves better than eengers foolishness.

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