What next for Le Grand Fromage?

In the absence of AJ, a guest post from the Ormer:

For those of us who have followed the fortunes of the Club, through thick and thin, for decades, to try and sum up the impact that Arsene Wenger has had on our lives would take more than a blog entry: actually, I’d struggle to cover it in a book! 

There is a growing minority of the fanbase who are upset at the lack of trophies. As with most minorities, they tend to be more vocal than the majority and are fed on a constant diet of misinformation supplied by a media that is all to keen to cause disharmony and create problems where none exist [or fuel the fires of minor problems until they are out of control].

So, as the media’s agenda isn’t really of a hidden variety, one can only guess at their “end-game”. My guess is the removal of the manager and destabilisation of the Club after that.

Arsene has been an easy target since the day David Dein introduced him to an unsuspecting football public. So different to the archetypal manager of the day (or before, or after) he has been picked-on, vilified and misquoted (particularly misquoted) constantly despite, until 2004, delivering an enviable and regular haul of trophies. 

Arsene has always said that he will always honour a contract. This may be so, but those of us that work in the corporate world know that there are many ways to skin a cat. I believe the biggest problem facing out football club is that our Manager may lose heart or believes he has lost the support of the fans. When that happens, the overtures from Paris St Germain and Real Madrid (or the rich Russian club I can’t remember the name of) will be hard for him to resist. The media will have won … and if you think they will stop there, you are kidding yourself. 


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