Wilshire Setback – Anyone not see that coming ? So what now ?

Evening Gooners!

I am guessing you have by now noticed the news that is flooding the online community about Lil Jack Wilshire’s ‘setback’. But honestly, the entire internet seem to be surprised by this news and indeed that confuses me.

How did nobody see that one coming ?

As soon as anyone mentions an early return from injury its like bad voodoo with some freak event, illness or inflammation  around the corner.

(Nobody make any comments this weekend about the defensive situation improving…)

Earlier in the transfer window Le Boss was all over the fact that having Wilshire, Sagna, Gibbs etc back is “Like making signings”

This seals it for me really, I wasn’t too bothered not signing anyone this window knowing that we were going to be bulked up in midfield as of February but this is starting to make me worry a little bit.

If Jack is sidelined for the rest of the campaign then we could seriously be in some hot water with the midfield currently stretched as it is. Look at how badly we have missed Arteta over the last couple of weeks.

You have to ask yourself… ‘Has it really come to this?’ How are we in this situation?

Where do we go from here then ? Well, the problem is, at the moment there isn’t really any players cheap enough with the quality and creativity that we need right now. Especially with the amount of deadwood we are carrying at the moment. I get the feeling that if we are going to see a loan signing again this window. It also wouldn’t surprise me if its another fringe player from one of the larger squads: Chelsea, City, Barca, etc.

I think the loan move for Benayoun at the start of the season was a good one and maybe a similar signing could lift us out of this slump.
I very much doubt that anyone is going to be joining on a full contract basis this month mainly because time is running out to secure the deal before the window closes!

If we secured a “Big name” within the next few days, I will more than happily eat my own hat…

But you never know. I have been proven wrong before and would love to again on this matter! Hopefully this time tomorrow I will be chomping on a rather straw tasting sombrero !

Until Next time!




2 thoughts on “Wilshire Setback – Anyone not see that coming ? So what now ?

    • I think that the Arsh will feature and play a blinder (if we are behind him from the moment his name is announced). If he doesn’t play … that suggests a new challenge is on the way. Some players respond to a rocket up their backside as an aide to performance. One suspects that form of management will only make our little Russian sulk and that he just needs his tummy rubbing.

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