Windows and orphans

Morning Gooners. I’ll leave the pre-match Bolton reporting to AJ, but thought I would offer a couple of quiet observations on a relatively quiet Arsenal-related transfer window.

Jerry Seinfeld arrived with neatly packed Louis Vuitton injury baggage. A lot of rather unfair comparisons have been made to Amaury Bischoff – but Arsene did tell us that Amaury was a bit of a gamble … and most gambles fail.  I like the sound of this young guy – and Arsene is not spouting him as a gamble. It will be interesting to see how quickly he beds down and knocks on the first team door – unless we’ve bought him “with an eye for the future”; in which case, I look forward to seeing him in whatever warm-up replaces the Emirates Cup. I note from the fixture list that we have three consecutive home games against Coldplay in June.

Anyway, on behalf of CTSTA, a warm welcome to the best club in the World, Thomas … here’s to a long, injury-free and successful red-and-white career!

Good luck also to Ryo Miyaichi – off to the sunny climes of Bolton until the end of the season … hey, it worked for Jack!

One of the Club’s failings in recent seasons has been “Managing Expectations”: a phrase loved by business gurus the World over. In this transfer window, no expectations were built (it is different from hope, by the way) so the disappointment is lessened somewhat. I bet, like me, most of you were still glued to Sky Sports News and Twitter though … just in case.

All we need now is to keep RVP fit and well until the end of the season … perhaps our Lasagne Chef could cook for him a couple of days before any Holland Internationals!



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