International Cotton Wool Time + Podolski (…again…)


For once I write this post in good spirits!

There hasn’t been that much to be happy about since I began writing this blog at the start of January lets face it! But that doom and gloom is now hopefully reigned to the history books.

In case you have been lying under a rock the last few days, here is what you missed:

– Liverpool won the Carling cup against Championship side Cardiff City… Just.

– Ryan Giggs scored for Man United in his 900th game for the club. Winning the game in the process … Just.

Ryo Miyaichi cleared the ball off the line for Bolton… Just.

And of course, the big one

The “Worst Arsenal team for 15 years” Annihilated the Spuds 5-2 from 0-2 down!  

Rosicky, Walcott and Benayoun finally put a shift in and pulled the outstanding out of the bag!

Now, being Tuesday and all that, I have thoroughly missed the boat for the whole “Match Report” thing. So instead I shall look forward and attempt to see what is coming up!

I talk about it each and every week but momentum is key. We go to Anfield this weekend and whether or not you wish to believe it we face a Liverpool side that is still very tough to beat especially at home!

Not only that but there is international matches this week…

It seems, every time the players return from the internationals that they are either too worn out or injured to perform!

I liken sending the players out to represent their countries to lending your car to a friend.

A good friend brings it back clean, tidy and with roughly the same amount of petrol in the tank.
The international managers seem to borrow our cars and bring them back with no petrol, a flat tyre or so and with mysterious stains in the back from…

Actually, i have taken this analogy far enough …

That’s the problem we face this weekend. All it takes is for someone like John Terry to take down RVP in the game tomorrow night and he’s crocked for the season. THAT would thoroughly wreck our chances of fourth. I don’t want to be un-patriotic but it wouldn’t surprise me if say someone like Steeevee Geraaaad was to give him a bit of a shunt tomorrow night and rule our main man out of the weekend’s game!

Hopefully I am just being cynical ! But it would be nice if we had all the players back on friday for training without any more injuries to add to those we already have!

In transfer news, apparently we have once again been linked to Podolski though this time it has been reported that we have actually agreed personal terms. I will believe it when I see it ! Its been so long since we made a transfer that’s of a player I have actually heard of before being linked to him that I don’t even know what to say. Podolski would be a great addition to the squad. Lets hope the rumours are true.

If they aren’t however, Ryo Miyaichi seems to be progressing very well at Bolton. Not enough to replace RVP but he would probably be good enough next season to play the 2nd fiddle role ! He’s certainly better than Chamakh and   I would hazard a guess in saying Gervinho too!

(Just a thought there !  Who read that last bit and thought when I said the ‘H’ word that I meant Edin …)

Ah well !

Thats about it for tonight !

Till tomorrow




2 thoughts on “International Cotton Wool Time + Podolski (…again…)

  1. Interesting article..i’m saying my prayers for our players on international duty,especially szczesny&rvp.
    Ryo is an exciting talent,not as good as Gerv tho but better than theo.

  2. My prayer to our players in international duty is to come back from there international duty injury free to enable us fight for our top four finishing. But for Podoski, if the story is true, is a good signing also a good beginning for next season.Up GUNNERS 4 LIFE.

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