CTSTA – We’re back… and the house burned down.

Why hello!

Yes indeed, you read that correctly.
For the first time since 2012 we are back up and running with our sexy new look, sexy new address and the same love of all things Arsenal!
Myself ( AJ ), Ormer and a third author (yet to be revealed) will be bringing you Arsenal opinion on this page during the end of the season, the transfer window, next season and onwards. We hope to keep you entertained and will do what we can where possible to give posts a dry “dad joke” sense of humour.
But enough vanity, on to football.
Some might say this is the worst time to start writing again. The only way I can describe starting blogging again is this:

Imagine, you come home from holiday and find your house burned down, still smouldering and everyone standing around blaming each other as to why it happened.

That, that’s how it feels to start writing about Arsenal again during this car-crash of a season.

So where are we right now? In the last 7 days, Arsenal secured their place in the last 8 of the 2015/16 F.A. Cup before swiftly proceeding to undo any potential progress by losing a somewhat lacklustre encounter (barring the last 5 mins) with Watford at the Emirates on Sunday. The only chance of staying in the Champions League requires a trip to Spain to overhaul a 2-0 (away goal) deficit against the team that, lets face it, you can solidly argue are the best on the planet; certainly when attacking. Although not officially over, lets just say that we know fat lady has started humming the intro to that tune that just won’t get out of your brain for weeks. League wise, 6  points behind the dwellers forsaken part of North London and currently 11pts off Leicester at the top, albeit, with a game in hand. There is very little chance there of overhauling that difference, not impossible, but very difficult.

There’s no doubt about it.  This season has been an absolute disaster. We all seem to be focusing on the issue since after Christmas with only 2 wins in 9 league games… but when you look back at the season as a whole, it paints a pretty sorry picture:
Looking at the league alone, there have only been two occasions all season where we have strung together 3 or more consecutive wins (3 games and 5 games respectively). Hardly the form of champions in anyone’s eyes.

So where do i think the issue lies:
There is a lot of talk about the manager but he isn’t leaving, and there isn’t an open transfer window so the personel are going to stay the same until the end of the season so no matter how much we bitch and moan about who’s fault it is (P.s, I still think its the Manager’s but that’s another argument for another time) there is utterly nothing we can do to change it.
In light of this, today, I am simply going to focus on what Arsenal need to do on the field to salvage any form of pride that is left.

  1.  Stop doing ‘An Arsenal’ – This may sound obvious, but we need to stop conceding goals. Silly goals have really cost us this season after last year’s fairly solid showing. There have been many times this season where the defence have been solid for most of the game and let it slip when it really matters in the last 30 or so mins.
  2. Improved passing in the final 1/3 – Usually, passing for any Arsenal team of seasons gone by hasn’t been an issue. This season has been different, there seems no fresh ideas. It’s all been “Wide, cut in, cross” or “wide, cut in, lose the ball, start again”. Not good enough.
  3. Key players need to find form – Sanchez, Walcott, Giroud, BFG, Gabriel even the likes of Coquelin etc. need to start finding form and / or the manager needs more trust in the players that have stepped up (E.g. Joel Campbell being subbed against Watford. Just why???

Anyway. That’s me for the first post back… you have to ease back into this whole Blog thing!
I hope to drop an Arsenal Vs Barca preview if I can before tomorrow night and an assessment of the remaining fixtures before the week is out so stick around! Oh yes, its good to be back!






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