Watford (H) Preview – Lightning can’t strike twice… Can it?

Hello All,
Two posts in 24 hours! You lucky, lucky people.
So what do I have for you today? Yes, the first match preview since we have moved into our new home and started writing again.

Arsenal Vs Watford – 02/04/2016 – 15:00 BST. 
Saturday sees the Gunners take on Watford at the Emirates for the third time this season and a second time in a matter of weeks.
Despite a thoroughly convincing display in the away fixture before Christmas, we slipped up big-time against Watford to get knocked out of the F.A. Cup last month (Yeah, like anyone had forgotten that…).
The second of these to games mentioned was probably one of the worst displays of football I have seen all season from an Arsenal point of view. The entire first 85mins was totally lacklustre and the whole side seemed to show very little interest in the game until the last 5 (plus added) when the front three seemed to come to life and actually play some direct and cutting football only to be denied a replay when Danny Welbeck (Who had played well and doesn’t deserve the spotlight for this…) spooned over the bar of an open goal.

So, in answer to the title. “Does Lightning Strike Twice?”
Well, my thoughts before the game right now are – “No… well, at least, I don’t expect it to…”
This weekend at the Emirates I expect a (relatively) well rested Arsenal side to play in a professional manner this weekend.
This Watford side generally seem to be lacking in goals in the league and aren’t on the sort of form that saw them begin to climb the table at the start of the calendar year. Arsenal, conversely, seem to be starting to get back into the stride that placed them on top of the premier league table towards the middle of December.
Rumour has it that Petr Cech may be back from injury but even if not, Ospina has shown that he is fully able to deputize if necessary, it is probably fair to suggest that people have been a little harsh on him since Cech’s arrival. Other than that, the team largely picks itself with Aaron Ramsey and Flamini still out injured. Welbeck should get the nod over the horribly out of form Giroud.
Who Wants it More? 
You would have to argue that Arsenal are the team who this game matters more to. With a very, if not almost non existent title push still on the cards, three points can be the only Good result at home; a draw or worse ends any slim title hopes.
Watford on the other hand, don’t really have that much to play for other than league position. This, to me, could be the big difference on Saturday, as there is less on the line than in the F.A Cup.

Though I don’t like to speculate…
I would expect Arsenal to have an equally as good showing going forward as at Goodison Park a fortnight ago. It is fair to say that Everton were poor on that day so the boys in red and white will have to play a much more solid defensive game to be able to take the three points; the defence has been notably leaky of recent times. If “The Real Arsenal” show up, this should be an easy 2-0, or 3-1… If only the Premier League was actually that predictable…

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!
Until Next Time, Tatty-Bye!

AJ – Gooner. 


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