Predicting the date of St Totteringham’s Day 2016… If it comes…

Afternoon all!

I’m not one for writing up match reports as there are so many other sites that write the same content over an over again.
SO, with regards to the win at Watford I will keep my assessment very short and sweet and move on to the more pressing issue of the late challenge for the three remaining “trophies” of the year.

Arsenal 4 – 0 Watford. 

So that game was a pleasant surprise wasn’t it? No dramas, no squeaky backside time, just a professional Arsenal side doing what they should have been doing for most of the year to date. I’m still a little unsure if it was a stunning Arsenal performance or a terrible Watford one.  What I am sure of is that it was a safe 3pts and another step to possibly getting something from this catastrophe of a season.  Sanchez, Iwobi, Bellerin and Walcott all scoring may (hopefully) show that for the first time in months that the goals are starting to flow again. May it continue for the rest of the season. Iwobi’s performance should also be praised; very professional for a player who is only 19.

The Remaining 3 Trophies.
Three trophies I hear you question? OK. So, they aren’t all physical trophies, but you can probably guess what I mean.
I am of course talking about: The Coverted Wenger 4th Place Trophy (or higher), The Premier League and the slightly less talked about St Totterinham’s Day Trophy for finishing above the Spuds… again…

NOW… of course, there is no guarantee of any of all three of these at this point but 1 is almost safe and 3 is certainly within reach. Both of these also assist in the possibility of winning no.2.
Returning to the fixture and predictions list from our previous assessment post HERE, there are still points to be dropped for all sides. Spurs and Leicester both have a tough run-in and with both teams having to face both Man Utd and Chelsea as well as other potentially tough games there is still time to claw back some of the deficit.
People also seem to forget about our game in hand. Win that, and we would only be 1 point behind Spurs with 6 to play, in a time where, historically, we fare well and they fade.
Realistically, there are only two games now that on paper, you would bet against Arsenal winning. A win against West Ham atVthe weekend would be a huge step forward towards all three of these goals. Following that, there is only the 1 game Vs an as-good-as-managerless Man City.
With a front-line now fully firing I think its worth suggesting that we all strap ourselves in… the next few weeks could be a bumpy ride! If Arsenal are still in this with three games to go then things could really open up.
My prediction is that the game against (potentially) already relegated Aston Villa could be crucial. Certainly of the 3 teams left in this title race, it is the easiest final game and if 3 points is what is needed to win the Premier League that could very much be the decider. My very hopeful prediction is that St Totteringham’s day this year is set for the 15th May 2016.

Anyway. That’s my ramblings. See you next time.



One thought on “Predicting the date of St Totteringham’s Day 2016… If it comes…

  1. I think the West Ham game is the crucial one … win away there (and reverse the embarrassment of the Season’s first league game) and the belief will be strengthened!
    Good stuff – like the link to the player comparison website!

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