Mertesacker Injury Diverts Attention from Failing Striker Hunt.

The press went into overdrive yesterday as it was announced that yet another key Arsenal player has been sidelined for a matter of not just weeks but months. Per Mertesacker, it  has been revealed, is out for “A few months” in WengerParle. This of course in the Queen’s English means that he is likely sidelined for a lot longer most likely around Christmas time.
Oddly, although sad news for the player himself, this could be the kick up the backside that Le Boss requires to count out his coffers and dip into the market for an experienced central defender to provide cover and competition to Gabriel (Assuming of course that Koscielny’s place in the side is a given.)

Wenger has of course already signed one central defender this season in Rob Holding from Bolton Wanderers and has a few other makeshift options for the space in Chambers, Debuchy and possibly even Coquelin. Lets hope that he doesn’t allow these potential options cloud his judgement into thinking that everything is fine.

For me, I would be thinking that Wenger should be looking seriously short term with any potential signing. This is the prime example of where we should be sourcing talent from within the premier league. I would also like to see a player that has a bit of grit to them and who might possibly shake things up a bit. The kind of mold i am thinking of is something along the lines of Robert Huth, Skrtel etc. Seriously mean players that will get stuck in. Arsenal at present seem to have too many gentlemanly players even players that won’t put their body on the line. Reference: ducking out of the way for one of the goals in the Liverpool game last season (*this may have been the season before… you get the idea).

Now, i’m not one for suggesting players who should be signed and i’m not one of these people who sit on FIFA 2015/16 for days and suggest people based on who hast the best ratings but obviously, we need a ready made solution. We really can’t afford to sign a player that is going to take time to adapt to the rigors of playing in the premier league and the pressure of playing for an Arsenal back 4 that are often left hideously unprotected by the players in front of them. There may be a call here for what I like to call a “Vintage Signing” a player that although on the decline due to age is still probably good enough as a stop-gap for half a season.

The big issue i see with the requirement of another central defender to, at least temporarily replace Per Mert’ is that it takes the focus off the main issue of finding a world class striker. IMO, Giroud on form is right up there with the best but therein lies the issue. When not on form, as Gooner Claude would say, “he’s a £12m Lamppost”. With Welbeck out injured for as long as he is, we need someone who can take the bull by the horns and really pick up the burden of scoring consistently. Although there is currently talk of Lacazette joining from Lyon, I would be very surprised if this ever materializes. There is too much of a risk for Wenger to go for that option and its a lose lose. He turns up for £50 mil and he’s fantastic, its a routine and relatively obvious signing. If he’s terrible its a massive failure worth a lot of wonga.

That’s all from me.





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