Discuss: Comparing Arsenal Seasons to Film Titles.

OK. I’ll admit it. Despite my recent spell of positive feelings regarding transfers.  The lack of any rumours of any significant substance are really starting to get to me. Its just getting boring!
SO. Here’s something different to pass the time. Comparing the past few Arsenal seasons to film titles. Feel free to also suggest your own in the Comments Section below! I look forward to hearing them.
All films are taken from the IMDB Top100.  Enjoy!


2006/7 – Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope (1977)

So here it was, new Stadium, through which we could ‘compete on all fronts financially’ and the domination of the Premier League for years to come. Thierry was still the skipper and Champions League football was assured by the last day of the previous season courtesy of some dodgy Lasagna. Unfortunately, a flakey start twinned with November and March collapses saw the end to any title hopes and following a defeat in the League cup final to Chelsea, the Emirates Stadium went through its first season without any silverware.

2009/10 – Amadeus (1984)

I have chosen Amadeus (for those of us not ITK, its a film about the beauty and subsequent downfall of Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart) for the 2009/10 season for two reasons. Firstly, the magnificence of Cesc Fabregas during the course of the season matches only that of Mozart himself. Finishing top goalscorer, Cesc truly made his mark on the side and was indispensable and scored 19 goals in 35 appearances (Arsenal’s top scorer for the season) and helped the side to finish 3rd and crucially, 5pts ahead of Spurs.
The second reason I chose this film is this is when things begin to unravel a bit for the manager. It is this season that people begin to see the pattern emerging with Arsenal again and the areas of the fan-base begin mutterings of descent. I compare this to the downfall into madness in the film, namely the voices Mozart starts to hear in his own head.

2011/12 & 12/13- The Graduate (1967)

The graduate seems like and odd title to compare a season to, i know. But when you apply this title to one player rather than the entire squad or season it makes more sense.
Robin Van Persie (or as he is known nowadays as “Boo Hiss Boo” and more strongly worded insults.) In the film the graduate becomes stuck between his older lover and her daughter. I liken this to the betrayal of Robin Van Persie at the end of the season requesting to be transferred and moving to Man Utd after a lengthy and seriously character damaging transfer saga.

2015/16 –Titanic (1997) OR The Great Escape  (1963)

Our most recent season can be looked at in one of two ways depending on your glass half empty or full outlook:
Option 1 – Titanic:
Arrogance, A lack of preparation and carelessness leads to a fairly sizable disaster. I.e Wenger didn’t strengthen in the summer barring a Keeper. The squad went bare and lacked the initiative when other teams faltered leading Leicester City to win the league.
Option 2 – The Great Escape:
Following only the addition of Petr Cech in the tranfer window, another “Mind The Gap” year for Spurs backfires as a last matchday victory against Aston Villa (and Spurs getting stuffed by Newcastle…) allows Arsenal to clinch the runners up spot as well as the most unlikely of St Totteringham’s Days in a season filled with turmoil, setbacks and fan unrest.

2016/17 –   Apocalypse Now (1979)

This is more for the title of the film rather than the actual context of the film…
Look, I know this season hasn’t started yet but just look at all the new managers of high quality and the signings other big clubs have made; not to mention clubs like West Ham Everton etc dropping big money too! Mix that in with our dithering in the transfer market and we could have a massive problem here… I hope that I am wrong.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. If you have any of your own, add them to the comments section!

Play nice.




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